How to Take Your Baby to Work, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of industry news from around the web.

Illustration by Radio for the New York Times.
Illustration by Radio for the New York Times.
  • In this week’s New York Times: “Leave the room if you have to change a diaper”, “Figure out what the policy is on taking children to your workplace” in the first place, and other tips from Licia Ronzulli, “an Italian member of the European Parliament who started taking her daughter to work at the age of six weeks.”
  • A touching bit of workplace nostalgia, also in this week’s NYT, from a writer who always wanted to be a secretary: “For most of my childhood, my after-school day care involved walking the five blocks over to the law office where my grandmother worked. There, I sat in the back room and read library books while my grandmother answered phones, took dictation and typed letters.”
  • And finally, a peek inside Time Inc.‘s new Sunset Park campus from Brooklyn Magazine. CEO Joe Ripp says that the new 55,000 satellite campus (the new HQ is in the Financial District) will be “an ideal space for building new products, reimagining content creation and developing advertising solutions.”
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