How to be a Leader When You Work Remotely

Work EvOHlution‘s Laura Hambley and Tom O’Neill provide practical, impactful suggestions for leading from a distance.


The modern workplace is global, technology-driven, and increasingly complex. To meet the challenges associated with this shift in doing business, teams are increasingly dispersed across time zones, geography, and culture. At the same time, there is an ongoing demand for flexibility programs enabling employees to work away from the traditional office, such as WORKshift, telework, agile work, and remote work. Consequently, the distributed workforce is growing. Employees are no longer tied to a desk, teams are capable of collaborating across continents, and leaders may be managing people both in, and away from, the office.

Organizations are increasingly working to meet the challenges associated with this shift, but attention is typically directed to managing the practical barriers such as technology and space. In this webinar, Laura Hambley, Ph.D., the president of Work EvOHlution, and Tom O’Neill, Ph.D., their director of research, unveil a cutting edge distributed leadership capabilities framework and share the critical behaviors for successfully leading distributed workers.

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