The App Store’s Influence on Design

Apple is known for its trailblazing innovations. But its growth and influence on technology reached a new, impressive milestone when Apple announced that it soared passed 15 billion downloads in its App Store.

One reason behind the amazing success of the App Store is the profit-sharing model. This model is one of a kind. According to the official statement, Apple has paid around $2.5 Billion to app developers. This chunk forms 70% of all the revenue that Apple has generated with the sale of its applications.

Market pundits and experts have commended this generous approach. No other big corporation has ever been this forthcoming in sharing its profits.

With such an impact like this, what else is possible? For one, 3D models on the iPad.

The iPad already is a market leader in the tablet section. (The only competition it faces is from Samsung, which is yet to capture the imagination of the market.)

That said, Apple’s newest iPad has many significant changes, the first of which is this super fast A5 chip. Critics and users alike appreciated the A4 chip used in its previous versions (and the iPhone 4). But the A5 doubles the speed and is also equipped with an additional processor. So, users get twice the computing speed they were enjoying on their original iPads.

Along with the A5 processor, Apple has also improved its graphic processing. The tablet format was initially planned as a revolutionary in-hand device that would be a one-stop hub for all the graphic and video need of the users. This remarkable balance between graphic performance, battery life, and computing prowess works very well in combination.

Apple officials have claimed their strategy for the future of the tablet market is not only different but is also revolutionary in its very inception. The first insistence is to shift the focus from raw computing to over all computing efficiency. The idea is to build a device that not only offers excellent battery life and superior graphic performance, but is also easy to carry and handle. Apple has offered exactly that. The nine times faster graphics is an achievement that is unmatched in the market.

This not only satisfies users gaming needs, but is also a very good option for designers and architects. The sales are only expected to go up with this new announcement.

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