Bigger Lunch Tables at Work Can Boost Productivity, and Other News

Atlassian's office in San Francisco, via
Atlassian’s office in San Francisco, via
  • From NPR: A company “found that software developers who ate lunch in large groups wrote 10 percent more code than those who ate solo or with fewer colleagues. Salespeople with more relationships across an organization sold measurably more. That led to larger lunch tables and more strategic placement of coffee machines.”
  • From Fast Company: Five free apps that herald the future of work.
  • Mad Men and the drama and the glory of the American workplace: “Why we work, where we work, how we work—these questions were just as relevant to Don and Roger and Peggy and Joan as they are to us today, and no doubt would have been all the more confusing in Don Draper’s era, at what was essentially the dawn of America’s service-led economy.”
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