Friendship at Work, and Other Industry News

Graphic by Fanny Blanc for the New York Times.
Graphic by Fanny Blanc for the New York Times.
  • “Once, work was a major source of friendships. We took our families to company picnics and invited our colleagues over for dinner,” writes Adam Grant for the New York Times. “Now, work is a more transactional place. We go to the office to be efficient, not to form bonds. We have plenty of productive conversations but fewer meaningful relationships.”
  • David Brooksop-ed today encompasses a whole lot more than work, but work’s part of it: “Transactional jobs are declining but relational jobs are expanding. Empathy becomes a more important workplace skill, the ability to sense what another human being is feeling or thinking. Diabetes patients of doctors who scored high on empathy tests do better than patients with low-empathy doctors. . . . Secure workers will combine technical knowledge with social awareness — the sort of thing you get from your genes, from growing up in a certain sort of family and by widening your repertoire of emotions through reflection, literature and a capacity for intimacy.”
  • And finally, an oldie but a goody: Why all weekends should be three-day weekends.
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