Thanksgiving Career Insights, and Other Industry News

  • Wondering if there’s anything to be gained from the familial differences bound to emerge over the Thanksgiving table? According to Inc., “Behavior patterns that were developed in the family follow us to work unless we learn to observe, understand and transform them. Take the time to see who each relative reminds you of at work and you are on your way of responding in a new and more effective manner.” If that fails, there’s always Adele.
  • Feeling bummed at the office? “A team of researchers that included Gretchen Spreitzer, a management professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, found that some employees are ‘de-energizers’ who spread their dispiriting attitude to others. In nonacademic parlance, these people are known as jerks,” reports the New York Times. “Almost everyone knows of prima donnas who get away with bad behavior because they are so good at their jobs. What managers may not realize is that this type of behavior spreads a dark cloud over everyone else, and the whole organization suffers, Professor Spreitzer said.”
  • Fast Company digs into Gensler‘s success: “As one of the world’s largest architecture and design firms, Gensler churns out about 3,000 projects a year, everything from building skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower to interior design,” writes Sarah Lawson. “But it also manages to hold robust internal awards programs, turn out yearly research on the future of design and workplace innovation, and evangelize bright ideas from its huge employee base to the rest of the company.” Here’s how they do it.
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