A Good Old Fashioned Sick Day, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image by Pete Deevakul for The New York Times.
  • A paean to sick days from the New York Times: “Now with computers on our laps, it’s hard to be perfectly, indulgently sick in bed. With our phones right there, we are tied to the life we were living yesterday, when we weren’t yet sick in bed. It’s time to be truly sick in bed this winter — sick like in the old days, when there was ginger ale from the store and fresh magazines on the night stand. Put it on the autoresponder: I’ll reply to you next week when I’m no longer sick in bed.
  • Inc. has a slideshow of images showing off Kurgo—a Salisbury, Mass.-based dog-travel gear startup—and their 4,000 square foot dog-friendly office. According to the post, “Humans weren’t the only considerations in building out Kurgo’s offices. The ample kitchen has an easy-clean floor, and is always stocked with kibble and treats for the four-to-eight pups that come along to work each day.”
  • Coworking will continue to take the corporate world by storm in 2016: A recent CBRE study reports that “[t]he demand for co-working space is expected to continue to rise in 2016 as more companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, are moving in to these types of facilities. In an occupier survey, 40 percent of respondents said they are using or are considering using shared space, including co-working space. Although these types of spaces have typically appealed more to startups and freelance workers, large enterprises are beginning to move in as well.”
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