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Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • Curbed designs its own set of emoji for architects: “The built environment of emoji is a banal place—unless you hold a particular fondness for transport. This impoverishment of language has forced architecture people to be clever, using more abstract symbols to represent the gable, the ramp, the park, or the stairs. But now, we can say it with the Guggenheim (New York or Bilbao). The top archemoji suggestions we culled from social media show certain mutual preoccupations—and you can see them all right here.”
  • NYT reports on Zipongo, a wellness app designed to improve nutrition in the workplace: “A growing number of companies are offering their employees digital tools to help improve their eating habits in hopes of increasing productivity, reducing sick days and cutting health care costs. With an app and a website, Zipongo, a small digital start-up, is aimed at helping employees navigate a company’s cafeteria menu to find choices that best meet a set of preferences and health goals set by the workers themselves.”
  • WSJ explores why boomers might be their own workplace enemies: “[B]aby boomers can’t pin all the blame on ageism and hostile millennials. They also have to realize that they contribute to the problem by making it difficult for younger managers to want to work with them. The onus is on baby boomers to demonstrate their relevance in companies that skew increasingly youthful. And doing so requires recognizing certain behaviors and rethinking hierarchical assumptions.”
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