Beer and Baristas, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Photo by Cole Wilson for The New York Times
Photo by Cole Wilson for The New York Times.
  • NYT explores how ad agencies are attracting and retaining young talent in the face of competition: “The young and the creative have been the engine that drove the advertising industry for decades. But those who once flocked to the business with dreams of making the next standout television commercial are no longer drawn to the industry in the same way. Some view advertising as stodgy — who wants to make a 30-second TV commercial when everyone they know is cutting the cord? — and some are lured by the riches and prestige of the technology industry.”
  • WSJ investigates why some groups thrive at work and others falter, and what it takes to truly be a good team player in the workplace.
  • Lifehacker pulls together “10 Rules of Professional Etiquette for the Digital Workplace”.
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