Wearables at Work, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image by John Weber for The Wall Street Journal.
Image by John Weber for The Wall Street Journal.
  • “For employers, the prospect of tracking people’s whereabouts and productivity [via wearables] can be welcome. But collecting data on employees’ health — and putting that data to work — can trigger a host of privacy issues.” The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • According to the New Yorker, France passed a law on May 10 that protects “the right to disconnect”. The good stuff comes from a chapter titled “The Adaptation of Work Rights to the Digital Era,” in Article 25: “The development of information and communication technologies, if badly managed or regulated, can have an impact on the health of workers,” Article 25 states. “Among them, the burden of work and the informational overburden, the blurring of the borders between private life and professional life, are risks associated with the usage of digital technology.”
  • Among others, Germany ought to take note: “An epidemic of burnout is taking a toll on a wide swath of employees in Germany, despite the fact workers here labor fewer hours a year than people in any other developed country,” reports WSJ. “The development has raised concerns among some public-health officials, corporate chiefs and others. It also has entered the public discourse to a rarely seen degree, in a society normally loath to talk openly about mental-health issues.”
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