Workplace Stress, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image by Katherine Streeter, via
Image by Katherine Streeter, via
  • Recently, NPR conducted a poll that found a substantial number of working adults say stress is a critical health issue they face at work. “Fifty-one percent of the people in our poll said their workplace has a formal wellness or health improvement program. The downside? Less than half the people polled — 40 percent — say they participate in the programs offered by their workplace.”
  • Business of Fashion highlights five trends that they think will reshape the fashion workplace in the future.
  • HBR reports on how the family dynamics you grew up with probably affect how you operate at work: “My work with top executives has shown that deep-seated, sometimes irrational fears can skew their decisions and their ability to execute company strategy. But I’ve found another influence, equally deep-seated, that affects how they deal with others in the C-suite: their earliest interactions with family members and friends.”
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