The Best Workday is Sunday, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • “The two most distracting things about work are emails and colleagues. You try to sit down to get something done and blammo, you’re hit with 40,000 emails that you must respond to immediately,” writes Dayna Evans for “The beauty of working on Sunday is that it’s easy to get through those rote, mundane tasks without any annoying distractions.”
  • “Who would have thought the simplest way to save a decaying building might just be going to work in it again?,” asks Co.Design in their profile of The Royal Bank of Canada‘s historic Montreal headquarters-turned-super chic coworking space.
  • Work longer to live longer? According to HBR, a recent study found that while “the majority [of people surveyed] retired around age 65 . . . a statistical analysis showed that when people retired at age 66 instead, their mortality rates dropped by 11 percent.”
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