A Theology of Work, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • “There is . . . a problem in the way we talk about our work. As the stability of work that characterized the industrial era becomes rarer, the terms that theologians, philosophers and the magisterium developed to describe the moral significance of jobs — not just terms like career and craft, but vocation and co-creativity, too — become irrelevant,” writes theologian Jonathan Malesic in the September 12 issue of America. “Despite the strength of its social teaching, the Catholic Church, not to mention many Protestant denominations, has yet to develop terms people in the postindustrial West can use to connect their work to their religious commitments.”
  • If that article resonates with you, listen to this podcast for more from Malesic.
  • WSJ interviews the chief people officer of a company that has banned meetings on Thursdays in order to encourage more reflection among employees.
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  • A theology of work! Now there is a topic to work on (pardon the pun). And, may I suggest a ontology of work. We will talk about this in October.

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