Not So Open Offices, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • “Noisy, open-floor plans have become a staple of office life,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “But after years of employee complaints, companies are trying to quiet the backlash.” One solution? “[C]ompanies that want to redesign are looking for ways to create privacy zones amid otherwise open-office plans.”
  • Pod Chairs, Wellness Rooms, and The Zen Pack: if you want to take a nap at work, Sleep Review — “the journal for sleep specialists” — has got you covered.
  • Whoa — according to SHRM, an American Psychological Association study found that one in four American workers is negatively affected by this year’s election rancor, and it’s taking a toll on workplace productivity.
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  • Days back, when offices used to be a noisy place. Now, we can see maximum corporate offices are looking for redesigning their office structure so that employees can work as they feel comfortable. But, here is also a key point that how this place can be clean at each specific corner. Should they hire professionals for this task? Or they will continue to keep it as they were doing earlier.

  • Thanks, @Natalie for sharing this wonderful article. According to the recent studies, the open-floor workspaces may not increase efficiency and productivity as much as advertised and they may have a disruptive effect on office morale.

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