Resolve to End Boring Meetings, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • Ever sat in a meeting that dragged on too long? Ha! WSJ suspects the problem may be overcrowding: “Managers often ask too many people to meetings for the wrong reasons, creating oversize groups that make it hard to work together. Inviting too few people can waste participants’ time, too. Smart managers identify the meeting’s purpose and adjust the size accordingly.” If you’re the type that makes resolutions for the new year, we heartily endorse this one for 2017.
  • Washingtonian has an interesting new emoji-laden column where they’ve set out to dispense workplace advice. First up: Should you or should you not take your shoes off “in an open office or under a shared table”? Hey, given the trends we’re seeing in open, shared office space, we say: fair question.
  • NYT resurfaced an oldie but a goodie this week about the benefits of taking more breaks while you work. Another great piece of advice on the cusp of a fresh start. Here’s to smarter meetings, more breaks, and being thoughtful about whether or not you go shoeless at work in 2017!
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  • If you read the comments on the WSJ article, most point out that the number of people in the meeting is not the point. The point is to be clear of the purpose of the meeting! Start with WHY applies to meetings as well as everything else!

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