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An image of a diorama of the future Google campus, via the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • As Google and Apple prepare to open their new campuses, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that “[r]eal estate is becoming a status symbol for Silicon Valley companies, which are now competing in part on the glamour value of their work spaces. As they vie for software engineers, Apple and Google are trying to woo potential hires with design and lifestyle flourishes, down to small details such as temperature controls at the desk level at Google’s new campus and an interior meadow, pond and orchard just for Apple employees.”
  • New Gallup survey results show that 43 percent of America’s workforce now works from home, up four percent from 2012. “But it’s not just the percentage of employees working remotely that has increased,” they add. “Employees who work off-site are also spending more of their time doing so.”
  • HuffPo wants you to get your “mindful mojo” back with these three helpful hacks for stress relief at work.
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