Industry News about Formulas and Jobs that Promote Happiness in the Workplace

We continue our journey to explore what elements contribute to providing work place happiness. Our articles this week focus on how companies seek solutions from soft touch human based efforts to hi-tech data collection and analysis.
Youth Friends Friendship Technology Together Concept. Image courtesy of
Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works. – Steve Jobs
  • Does your company have a CHO? Bay Street Bull explores the creation of new happiness monitoring positions and their positive impacts for all.
  • Building upon the theory that “happiness matters as much at work as it does in our personal lives” Thrive Global shares the 3 things you need to be happy at work.
  • Does this happiness formula work for you? Work Environment = Physical space + Work relationships. Lenora Porter lends more insight into why being happy is vital in ~11,000 days you’ll spend working during your lifetime.
What is being done where you work, that helps you find your “happy place” at work?
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