Rethinking the Open Office, Rating the Workplace, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image courtesy of Stuart Isett for The New York Times
  • People are rethinking open plan offices, writes the New York Times. New designs are largely open, but not entirely. Under the revised thinking, breaking down walls to bring people together is good, but so are “team spaces” and standing tables, comfortable couches, and movable walls.
  • Check out this video from on the history and evolution of the open office and how they’ve been relatively misunderstood for their role in workplace culture.
  • You’re used to rating restaurants and bars, but what about rating the workplace? Bisnow reports on a new service that Austin, Texas-based tech startup Tenavox has created to help tenants make more informed decisions before entering a lease agreement.
  • Insight reports that a new UK study has revealed evidence of a strong correlation between productivity, creativity and even profitability with employee working conditions, such as: light, air, noise, health, culture, design, movement and the quality of furniture.
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