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Creative Thinkers DC: Digital Whiteboarding – Mini-Demos of Mural, Miro, Lucidspark and more!

April 27, 2021 @ 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM


Digital Whiteboarding – Mini-Demos of Mural, Miro, Lucidspark and more

Hosted by Susan Pelczynski, of Zynsights Consulting with Creative Thinkers DC 

Fellow design thinkers, creatives, user experience and customer experience facilitators, are you looking to understand digital whiteboard options out there for you next virtual or hybrid event?

This meetup session of Creative Thinkers: DC, includes mini-demonstrations of Mural, Miro, Lucidspark and Jamboard as options to enhance your next virtual brainstorming session.

Hear from demonstrator, Lauren Pollack of global company Steelcase, sharing about Mural, Strategist, Evan Chan, of Deloitte and Neal Ferrell of Lucid as they demonstrate how to set up a brainstorming session, provide tips and ideas on warm-ups or instructions for participants.

Susan Pelczynski, of Zynsights Consulting, will host and share about Jamboard another cloud-based options for simpler settings.

There will be about 10 minutes of live-demo time and 8 minutes of questions for each software shared.

A discussion with the room on what they foresee in blending of digital whiteboarding and in-person events.

6:00-6:15 Welcome, overview and who’s in the room
6:15-6:25 Mural live demonstration – Lauren Pollack of Steelcase
6:25-6:33 Mural questions
6:33-6:43 Miro live demonstration- Evan Chan of Deloitte
6:43-6:51 Miro questions
6:51-7:01 Lucidspark live demonstration – Emily Jensen of Lucid
7:01-7:09 Lucid Questions
7:09-7:19 Jamboard live demo – Susan Pelczynski of Zynsights
7:19-7:27 Jamboard questions
7:27-7:33 Final comparison slide of rates/levels/links
7:33-7:43 Blending virtual whiteboarding and in-person sessions
7:43-7:45 Closeout

Questions via chat box during session.

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