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[WE:binar] Reimagining the Workplace: AI, Immersive Experience, and Augmented Environments

March 17, 2022 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

WorkSpace Futures is Steelcase’s global research team that employs a human-centered, future-focused approach to understand the world of work in corporate, education, and healthcare environments in diverse markets and cultures. Leveraging established practices of foresight, the teams explore persistent forces of change driving shifts in work, worker, and workplace in the near and far future. Andrew Kim, the Digital Prototyping Practice Leader for Workspaces Futures, will share about emerging technology and its implications for the workplace.

Learning goals:
• Understanding emerging tech
• Overview of use cases
• Implications for the workplace

Meet the Presenter: Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim leads the WorkSpace Futures, Digital Prototyping Practice at Steelcase. WorkSpace Futures is Steelcase’s global research team, comprised of multidisciplinary researchers with expertise in design, anthropology, psychology, and technology and distributed across Grand Rapids, Munich and Hong Kong. Andrew is responsible for applying human-centered design methods to support new market strategies and product development efforts and has more than twenty years of experience developing products and services. His curiosity and passion revolve around the intersection of social behaviors, the built environment and technology. His areas of interest include creativity, learning, and smart environments, and his project work has included collaborations with the MIT Media Lab, Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology, and the University of Melbourne.