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AgilQuest has been supporting the Hybrid Workplace for almost 30 years. With Forum, an easy-to-use, intuitive workplace management platform, organizations can offer freedom and flexibility with control. Create a seamless workplace experience, accurately measure utilization, trace employee presence, and offer an easy way for employees to find and claim places to work, at a safe distance.

Solutions for: Office, Coworking, Work-from-Home
Forum provides solutions for the office, shared spaces, and allows employees to indicate whether they are working from home, or at a third-party coworking space.

Key Features

Flexibility and Control for the Hybrid Workplace

  • Find and claim desks, meeting rooms, parking, services, and amenities with advanced filters
  • Assign Dedicated Seats and control access and neighborhoods by person or groups
  • Real-time 3D Floorplans, Pictorial List View, and Calendar View search
  • Allow tenants, landlords, government agencies, organizations, and coworking sites to share space with each other
  • Comply with COVID-19 regulations with capacity control, dynamic scheduling, and physical distancing

Mobile-First, Ease of Use

  • Android and iOS native mobile apps
  • QR Code Reader for quick, touchless booking experience
  • Indicate when working from home
  • Enhanced Colleague Search and ‘Team’ tracking for quickly finding colleagues
  • Book from any MS Exchange interface or Google Calendar
  • Copy Previous Reservations

Integrated Advanced Workplace Analytics

  • Capture presence through access control, network logon,
  • Auto-bump and required check-in for more accurate utilization data
  • Presence, Contact Tracing, and Utilization Measurement with sharable dashboards and reports
  • Measure and manage use of third party or other shared space (coworking, shared landlord space, etc)


    • Microsoft Exchange for use with Outlook, Teams or any other Exchange interface
    • Google Calendar
    • Digital Signage integrations with hardware of your choice, non-exclusive
    • Steelcase® DeskWizardTM and RoomWizard®
    • CoWorkr® Workplace Occupancy Sensors
    • Intel Unite® Ecosystem for a seamless meeting room experience
    • Access Control and other Smart Building Systems for measuring utilization and offer automatic check-ins or cancels
    • Open API
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