Forum by AgilQuest


Accurately measure utilization, trace employee presence, and offer an easy way for employees to find and claim places to work, at a safe distance.

Solutions for: Office, Coworking, Work-from-Home

Forum provides solutions for the office plus allows employees to indicate whether they are working from home, or at a third-party coworking space.

Key Features
  • Find and Claim Desks, Meeting Rooms, Services and Amenities using filters and real-time floorplan, pictorial list and calendar views
  • Comply with COVID-19 Regulations with Dynamic Scheduling and Physical Distancing Management
  • Presence, Contact Tracing and Utilization Measurement with Dashboards and Reports
  • No-Touch Experience using Mobile Apps with QR Codes & Geofencing
  • Enhanced Colleague Search and Team tracking for quickly finding colleagues
  • Indicate when working from home to let coworkers know and for the organization to measure and track when employees are working from home
  • Measure and manage use of third party or other shared space (coworking, shared landlord space, etc)

Integrates with:

  • Microsoft Exchange for use with Outlook, Teams or any other Exchange interface
  • Density People Count Sensors for automatic check-ins and utilization data
  • Digital Signage integrations with hardware of your choice, non-exclusive
  • Access Control and other Smart Building Systems for measuring utilization and offer automatic check-ins or cancels
  • Open API
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