HÅG Celi by 9to5 Seating


    HÅG Celi is the latest multitasking chair from 9to5 Seating. HÅG Celi fosters well-being and concentration with a designed-in rocking motion in the seat and back—putting it at the fore of the active seating revolution. With 94% of the plastic and 75% of the aluminum from recycled materials, HÅG Celi doesn’t just impact the workspace—it impacts the world.

    9to5 Seating is excited to launch a multitasking chair unlike any other on the market,” said Mark Mannon, VP of Product Development and Marketing. “Its unique motion design and sustainability story make it ideal for the priorities of today’s workplace.


    Come meet HÅG Celi @NeoCon 2024 showroom on the 10th Floor #1095 and on the 7th Floor in the NeoCon Talks Lounge.


    Sustainability Statement

    Made from more than 76% post-consumer recycled and renewable materials, HÅG Celi is a standout among even the most environmentally friendly chairs. With a staggering 94% of the plastic and 75% of the aluminum from converted consumer material, HÅG Celi makes a statement about commitment to the planet.  

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    9to5 seating uses HÅG inBalance® technology, a gentle, designed-in rocking motion in the seat and back to foster movement, to make it stand out from other stacking chairs.

    Key Features
    • Stacking, meeting, and collaborative spaces
    • Armless or fixed arm
    • Rocking motion of back and seat allow movement of legs and lower body
    • All plastic, upholstered seat or fully upholstered models
    • Mix or match plastic and aluminum colors
    • Made with 75% recycled and renewable materials
    • Warranted to 300 lbs
    Buyer Information
    Starting at $560
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