Joan Desk Booking app by Visionect


Joan is the most comprehensive workplace management tool, built around ultra-low-power and energy-efficient ePaper displays.

We at Joan have been leaders in the meeting room systems industry since 2007. For more than a decade, we gathered insights into workplace efficiency from more than 90 countries worldwide. We understand workplace trends on a global scale and are eager to provide solutions fit for any company size, origin, and industry.

In the last few years, the workplace got redefined from a singular place to offices, meeting rooms, office pods, huddle spaces, desks, even home offices, and beyond.

Built on the principles of sustainability and years of experience, we are finally presenting the portfolio for elevating any workplace efficiency and improving the experience for employees and visitors alike.

Joan portfolio includes:

  • Meeting room booking devices
  • Hot desking app
  • Visitor management and health screening app
  • Home office productivity device
  • Digital information signage
  • Advanced analytics reports

The whole portfolio is managed through an easy-to-use, secure Web Portal.

With all the devices and services in place, Joan makes the workplace a better and safer place to work.

Key Features
  • Book desks in a scalable way. No spreadsheets, emails, and conflicts.
  • No training required. The extremely user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation from day one. Pick a desk and book it, something everyone can master on their first try.
  • Start booking desks immediately. It takes 10 minutes to create an account, upload a floor plan, and add your employees. No commitment in your first 30 days.
  • No changes to your office. There’s no need to move desks or put up walls. Simply limit bookable surfaces and your flexible workspace is ready to run.
  • Track reservations, enable contact tracing. Desktop version enables easy tracking of bookings, empowering office managers to track employees’ locations, and book desks in their place.
Where it is manufactured?
Joan Desk Booking app is designed and developed in Europe.
Joan Desk Booking app is available for $ 2.49 per user per month and starts with a 30-day free trial. No strings attached and no credit card required.
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