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Robin Weckesser

Robin Weckesser is the President of a3 Workplace Strategies, a workplace solutions consulting group based in San Jose and serving companies throughout the United States and worldwide. The firm provides a full range of project management and facilities management services, including strategic planning; change management; site selection; design, construction, and relocation oversight; space programming; open office/collaborative environments; and wellness consultation. 

Repurposing Furniture: Realizing the Environmental, Economic, and Design Benefits

Robin Weckesser, Jennifer Denny, and Darryl Denny explore the environmental  and economic benefits of using repurposed furniture in the workplace.

Expectations and Demands for More Workplace Benefits and Amenities

Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies explores how the return-to-the-office has presented new challenges and opportunities for the future of work.

What’s Working? Post-Pandemic Presents New Realities & Opportunities for the Workplace

Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies shares some tips for a customized and strategic approach for the post-pandemic workplace.

Activity-Based Work: How to Get Started

Welcome to the world of activity-based work! Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies breaks down what you need to know to get started in your workplace.

Returning to the Office? It’s Not an Open/Shut Case

Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies shares why execs are questioning open environments in favor of adopting hybrid solutions.

Make The New Normal Work with a Change Management Plan

By Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies outlines how to create an effective change management plan as we return to work.

Workplace Branding: Integrating Culture and Marketing in the New Normal

In part two of this series on branding, Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies explores tips for implementing a branding strategy. Check out part one here. As...

Revisiting the Importance of the Physical Office as the Digital Revolution Accelerates

In part one of this series, Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies explores the relationship between company culture and branding as we emerge from the pandemic.

Is All Well at Work? Revisiting Wellness in the New Normal

Robin Weckesser addresses new return-to-office health and safety guidelines while we revisit the tried-and-true wellness programs.

A New Breed of Project Manager Emerges

The evolution of the workplace has caused project managers, facility managers, brokers, and architects to think differently about their roles. Today, we need to view the role of the PM through a wider lens. Enter the Contemporary Project Manager.

Generation Z: The Largest Percentage of Population

The 'new kids' in the workplace differ from previous generations and present major implications for workplace design. Johnny come lately, the new kid in town. Everybody...

Changing Your Workplace? Make It Work with a Change Management Plan

Change management may not be new, but today’s office dynamics are. Today's companies are seeking creative, “cool” workplace solutions.

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