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Work Design Magazine is The Source for Next Work Environments.

Work Design Magazine is a thoughtfully curated digital publication with a global reach. We focus on the innovative design of the places we work, the performance of individuals, and value for the organization. Led by professionals, we serve the full spectrum of workplace-related disciplines including technology, wellbeing, sustainability and beyond. The publication provides a forum to foster discussion and information sharing in the digital world, on social media, and at workplace-focused events. Our insightful content and eye-catching profiles offer a comprehensive preview of what’s new in the market as our readers are responsible for specifying and procuring design, construction, furnishings, and related products and services. We are creative, flexible, and curious about the rapidly changing work environment.

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Meet Our Team


Bob Fox
Founder and Executive Publisher

Michelle Weiss

Emma Weckerling
Senior Managing Editor

Elise Shapiro
Contributing Editor

Katie Sargent
Integrated Marketing Manager

Caki Diehl
Manager of Advertising Partnerships

Amanda Gram
Video & Media Intern


Malena Boylan
Video & Media Intern

Meet our Advisory Board

We owe much of our success to this dedicated team of professionals who advise us in all manner of business strategy, direction, and development:

  • Kimberly Carroll, Chief Digital Strategist at Websavant
  • Heather Davis, Director of Employee Experience + Change Management at KGO
  • Silvia Dumitrescu, VP, Communications at IFIC Foundation
  • Stephanie Hay, Director of Content Strategy at Capital One and Work Design Magazine’s founding editor
  • Rita Hilton, Leadership Coach & Organizational Performance consultant, Principal at B.Leading in Place (B.LiP) Solutions, LLC
  • Kay Sargent, Senior Principal, Director of Workplace Strategies at HOK
  • Steve Teubner, Digital Transformation, Real Estate, Construction and Hospitality | Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
  • Raymond Towle, Executive Director, Political Affairs & Federation Relations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce