Editorial Calendar 2021

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We’re defining what’s next for workplace design post COVID-19. Please check out our ‘What’s Next’ section to see our extensive library and to envision how your contribution could be a part of it. 

APRIL 2021


Celebrating sustainable design stories & ideas.

  • Special Feature (paid): Touchless Technology

    • Profile of product or solution contributing to the sustainability (live for 1 year)
    • Inclusion in an article, round-up or guide
    • Spotlight in dedicated email to all WDM subscribers
    • 1 month Digital Ad in 2021

MAY 2021

Working Outside the Box

By now, the importance and benefits of biophilia in the workplace is clear. We want to know (and see) how today’s offices are incorporating outdoor spaces into the daily work day. In response to the pandemic, what new and creative ways are workplaces bringing the outdoors in?

JUNE 2021

The Future of Coworking

Many believed that the COVID-19 pandemic would be the end of the coworking industry. Despite the odds, the industry is coming back stronger than ever. What does the future hold for the coworking industry in 2021? 

JULY 2021

Annual Check-Up: Workplace Wellness

As many organizations make plans to return to work and transition to hybrid spaces, how can we best support employee wellbeing? 


Returning to the Office?

Lessons learned from those who have returned and a snapshot of strategies for the future. What has worked, what hasn’t and what’s being tested?


The Next Work Environment Competition 2021

We will be rolling out the winners from The Next Work Environment Competition!


NeoCon + NeoCon Theme



Change Management

Making changes in the workplace can be very stressful for employees, especially as we return to the office. How can change management experts keep the drama to a minimum and plan for the inevitable ups and downs of returning to work post-COVID-19? 


2022 Trends

Insights from workplace industry experts from around the world + forecasts of emerging themes and trends for 2022.

All contributors are required to review our editorial guidelines prior to submission.