Editorial Calendar 2022

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We’re defining what’s next for workplace design post COVID-19. Please check out our ‘What’s Next’ section to see our extensive library and to envision how your contribution could be a part of it.  


Health and Wellness

A healthy workplace is now an expectation for today’s workers as we return to the office. How can design impact the mental and physical health of the workplace? What are new methods that are being used to improve workplace health? How are companies implementing policies to promote employee wellbeing?


What Can The Workplace Learn From Other Industries?

The workplace industry has changed dramatically in the past two years – what ideas and inspiration can we take from others? 

MARCH 2022

Workplace Metrics, Data, & Research

Are you tasked with measuring workplace culture, morale, stress, productivity, wellbeing and more? This month we’ll share articles and research on what matters most along with an index of tools to help you get the information you need.

APRIL 2022


Has your organization made their return to the office? How has the workplace changed? What has worked? What has not? What change management strategies were used? 

MAY 2022

Working Outside

By now, the importance and benefits of biophilia in the workplace is clear. We want to know (and see) how today’s offices are incorporating outdoor spaces into the daily work day. In response to the pandemic, what new and creative ways are workplaces bringing the outdoors in?

JUNE 2022

Work Reimagined – Pulse Check

We’re checking in on workplaces that have made their return. Does your company now offer coworking memberships, a hub and spoke model, flexible schedules, etc.? We want to know what’s working. 

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All contributors are required to review our editorial guidelines prior to submission.