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Happy, Healthy Workplaces

What if we could design environments where people feel energized when they leave? How can we create and sustain places that support the mental and physical health of employees? What kinds of policies, enhancements, and changes would we need?

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Love Letters to the Office

What do you love about your office space or recent project that made you or employees want to come back? Be it change management, design, amenities, etc.

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MARCH 2024

The Frictionless Work Experience

Why can’t the office be like a car? As soon as you start your car, the seat automatically adjusts, your phone connects and starts playing your favorite playlist, and the temperature is set just right. Meanwhile in the office, we’re still crawling around on the floor to find an outlet. What changes can be made to make the workplace a frictionless environment?

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APRIL 2024

Designing for Climate Change

How are your design efforts supporting the planet? What new material advancements, emerging technologies, ESG efforts, and circularity tactics are you using to achieve a sustainable future? 

Special Project Profile Focus: Most Eco-friendly Offices

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MAY 2024

Environments that Support Cultural Optimism and Resilience

How can design help to minimize uncertainty in simple things like internal signage, celebrating successes in authentic ways, using the psychology of color, and flowing shapes raise hopefulness. Share why design is key in resilient spaces.

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JUNE 2024

What Can The Workplace Learn From Other Industries?

Lines are blurring across home and work, and across industries. What ideas and inspiration can the workplace take from others? 

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JULY 2024

Work Out(side)

We’ll profile some the most desirable sky gardens and outdoor work spaces in the world. Plus ideas for bringing the outside in to the modern office.

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All contributors are required to review our editorial guidelines prior to submission.