2 Cool iPad Apps from Steelcase

Thanks to a recent (fantastic) gift, this month I was able to extend my technology adventures beyond my iPhone to the new iPad2. And what an adventure I’ve been having so far!

I love that I can spend hours just browsing the app store and choosing from the plethora of free apps made available for download. Of course I’ve been scouring the app-iverse looking for great finds to share with our WDM readers and the wider A&D community. A few days ago I discovered two great apps by one of my favorite furniture manufacturers – Steelcase.

Steelcase Roam Chicago

I’ve been to the DC WorkLife Center a few times, in fact they hosted the WDM team for one of our first meetings (Thanks!). What an amazing space! I can only imagine the Chicago WorkLifeTM Center is even better if only because of its sheer size and the prominence of the Merchandise Mart. Living on the East coast it is always more convenient to attend NeoCon East in Baltimore, but I am still hoping to make it out to Chicago someday. Until then, great apps like Steelcase Roam Chicago allow the user to explore and experience the Steelcase WorkLifeTM Center at the Merchandise Mart from anywhere.

The app was showcased at NeoCon 2010, and features an interactive floorplan and a wealth of information on Steelcase workspace solutions, including 3D visualizations, dimensions and design intent. There’s also information about Steelcase’s 360 magazine, which is an extremely valuable resource that I think deserves its own app!

Download Steelcase Roam Chicago from iTunes

You Are Unique

Steelcase won me over with their “Thought Starters” ever since I picked up their Connections marketing material at NeoCon a few years ago. Thought starters are a great tool during space planning, or even earlier in the project when working with the client to determine what approach they want to implement in their work place.

With the “You are Unique” app, released in March by Steelcase & Rethinking Group, thought starters for the recently launched Manifesto product line have been given new brilliantly-colored life on screen. The Manifesto series is the product of Steelcase’s ongoing research into Gen Y and the evolution of the workplace and was designed specifically for the Gen Y workers entering the workplace in the Asia market.

Download Steelcase You Are Unique from iTunes

Hopefully Steelcase will be creating more apps for thought starters in the future!

All iPad app screenshots courtesy of iTunes & Apple.

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