Faces: Meet John Malnor

John Malnor leads Steelcase’s Growth Initiatives.

I have endless energy for solving problems — especially those that center around the intersection of people, technology, and space. Searching for new concepts that are disruptive and positive has led me to spend a lot of time around collaborative consumption as it relates to workspace.

Things like coworking, shared spaces, and pay per use models are just beginning to emerge, but will become for many the reality of their working lives. Converging trends of changes in our ability to be always connected, the social acceptance of working in a variety of spaces, and a shift in business toward results vs. effort are all combining to create a wave of change.

The next 20 years may be the most exciting ever to be part of creating high performance organizations. Add in the triple bottom line impact of using space more efficiently, lowering the cost and the environmental impact means we are at the beginning of a dramatic change to how we blend our work and our lives.

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