Loosecubes Makes Coworking its Business

The idea for Loosecubes  –  a community marketplace of coworking spaces — was hatched out of a cabin in the woods of Maine during the summer of 2009. Our founder, Campbell McKellar, was working remotely for a Manhattan-based real estate company, and she started to get fed up with fighting over the wifi signal with her boyfriend. She started dreaming about an artist’s barn with a fast internet connection and no distractions, and decided to create Loosecubes to help her find that barn.

Upon arriving back in NYC, Campbell signed up for a membership at a coworking space called  New Work City  in SoHo, and she dove head first into the realm of collaborative consumption. It was through her connections at New Work City that Loosecubes went from an idea to a reality.

(Kind of fitting for the world’s largest community marketplace for shared workspace to be born out of a coworking space, don’t you think?

Loosecubes HQ in Brooklyn, NY

Discovering Coworking Opportunities

Since then, we’ve done our best to make the Loosecubes experience as easy as possible. Any business owner who has an extra desk, conference room, easel, beanbag, or workspace can add it to our site and choose to share it by the day, week, or month. Hosts can select the types of people they’d like to share with (e.g. writers, designers, entrepreneurs), write a description about their space, choose a vibe and location type, and upload photos. Then, they’re ready to start inviting talent and fresh ideas into their office.

SocietyM in Glasgow

You can even have multiple workspaces available at one location. For example, a host can offer a desk by the day for free — perhaps as a way to meet relevant Loosecubers who could ultimately lead to new hires, partnerships, referrals, and friendships. In addition to that, he or she could offer a cluster of 3 desks for $400/month, which is perfect for a new startup in need of office space.

Loosecubes gives people access to everything from company offices  like  Applicake  in Krakow, Poland, to home offices like  Zen Home Workspace  in SF, and even photography studios like  this one  in Queens. There’s something for everyone on Loosecubes.

CoCo Coworking, Minneapolis

The Dynamics of Coworking Spaces

The dynamic of a Loosecubes coworking spot varies depending on the type of space and the vibe. Some locations are good for quiet work whereas others are filled with nonstop collaboration. We like having a large spectrum of options so that people can choose spaces based on what they’re working on and even their mood on that given day.

The Box Jelly, Honolulu

That said, due to the nature of the Loosecubes community, it’s guaranteed that your host will be friendly and welcome you with open arms. It’s built into our ethos after all. Here are some spaces that run the gamut of environment, location, and dynamic:

Camp in Omaha

What’s Next for Loosecubes

We recently added a bunch of new features that are worth noting:

  • Members can connect to Facebook to receive recommendations for spaces to cowork at based on their real life friends
  • Hosts can connect to Facebook to receive recommendations for Loosecubers they should invite to their space
  • The ability to pay for reservations via PayPal and credits cards, making us the only online destination where you can book and pay for a flexible workspace in one shot
  • A heavily improved search function complete with several filter options
  • A fresh new look and feel (aka a brand new design)

We’re hard at work on some great product improvements that will continue to emphasize our focus on the people that work in the spaces as much as the spaces themselves.

Our vision is to help people take control of their professional lives and make work fun again. Every feature we add will help bring us one step closer to making that happen.

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Loosecubes is leading the charge. Their very own "Captain Awesome," Anthony Marinos, tells us how they came to find coworking spaces like  Applicake  in Krakow, Poland, to home offices like  Zen Home Workspace  in SF. There's something for everyone on Loosecubes." />