5 Design Ideas to Improve Workplace Focus

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Did you know that you can improve focus and productivity in the workplace just by using workplace design techniques?

Today, there are entire businesses focused on making your business more productive by rearranging and remodeling office spaces so that workers can become more productive and energetic. There are lots of ways to use design to increase focus and productivity in the workplace, and here are five great ones:

1. Let in the light

Study after study shows that humans are meant to be exposed to natural sunlight during the day. Exposure to bright lights in general — but particularly to natural sunlight — keeps our minds and bodies more alert and active, which can increase productivity and focus in the workplace.

These days, more businesses are using valuable corner space with walls of windows for cubicle workers rather than executives who are rarely in their own offices, anyway. If this isn’t a possibility at your office, consider adding skylights. Even adding in natural lights rather than florescent lights can make a big difference in workplace focus and productivity.

Open Office at Freshview

2. Bring down the walls

Traditional office spaces use cubicles with high walls. This is a problem for several reasons.

  • Workers feel isolated; they’ll be more productive if they feel they’re part of a community.
  • Conversations are louder; workers have to raise their voices to talk between cubicles.

Installing clear glass walls between cubicles is one excellent solution for this, but many offices are also starting to lower cubicle walls to create more of an open, community feel.

3. Include space for group and team meetings

Chances are that at least some collaborative efforts go on in your office environment. Unfortunately, many poorly designed offices don’t have spaces set aside for this. The best workers might get is a table set up in the midst of a few cubicles. This can be a huge problem, though, because group meetings can be distracting for nearby workers. Other offices make it difficult for groups and teams to meet informally because they have only a handful of meeting spaces that have to be reserved in advance.

One design idea to fix both of these problems is to build in several small meeting spaces along the edges of the office. Stick with the open feel by giving them soundproof glass walls. The rooms don’t need to be very large – just enough to hold five or six people comfortably for an impromptu meeting. Soundproof walls keep the other workers from getting distracted, and several small rooms allow for groups to meet whenever they need to.

Combining Break Areas with Meeting Rooms

4. Have a well-designed break room

When your workers go to the break room, they should be able to actually take a break and unwind. Too many break rooms are more industrial and depressing than the actual office buildings!

Give your break room all the essentials – such as a fridge and microwave – but also add in some homey extras, like a couple of comfortable couches, bar-height tables for small lunch groups, and relaxing decor.

5. Organizational options

One final way to increase focus and productivity in the workplace is to make it easier for workers to stay organized. This can happen on a cubicle level by including several shelving units and drawers in each cubicle so that workers can organize them as they see fit. It also works on an entire-office level by making necessary files and other papers available to all workers who might possibly need them.

Finance your remodel with a company card

For small businesses, financing a remodel may be difficult, but it can really help with the overall level of productivity for your business. Rather than taking out a separate business loan, consider applying for a business credit card. You can do your remodel bit by bit, charging items to the card and paying them off before you take the next step. Just be sure to plan out your remodel steps and spending carefully, and a business credit card can help you get there faster.

Remodeling your office may be one of the best things you do for both your employees and your bottom line. These simple design tricks can increase the productivity of your business and your individual workers.

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