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Bob Fox
Bob Foxhttps://www.fox-architects.com/
Bob is an industry leader and the founding partner at Fox Architects in Washington DC, celebrating 20 years of design professionals working together to reshape the office and work environment. Bob also publishes Work Design Magazine, which, with its thousands of global subscribers, is the premier online publication dedicated to workplace strategy, information, and resources. Bob earned his B.A. in Architecture from Temple University in Philadelphia. When he’s not innovating new concepts for the workplace, Bob leads a competitive sailing team on his 44-foot race boat, “Sly.” He’s been racing offshore for almost 20 years, sailing more than 30 thousand nautical miles of open ocean. Bob lives in the Washington DC area with his wife, son, and three daughters. He remains focused on our changing work environments, and the state of workplace design today, and looking ahead to dynamic shifts that are forthcoming.

Jim Ware is a former Harvard Business School professor who has spent his entire career helping clients invent their own futures by exploring and interpreting the changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace.

“In my experience, most organizations terribly underuse human talent,”- Jim Ware

“Traditional management practices put way too many barriers in front of employees. We’ve got to rethink our role as workplace professionals to focus our attention on leveraging human talent — on creating workplaces that enable people to be productive, to collaborate with each other, and to invent new ideas.”

To those ends, he is currently the founder and Executive Director of The Future of Work…unlimited, which is a research and advisory services firm that creates visions of the future and helps clients achieve them.

“It’s time to give people the resources they need – workspaces, technologies, and access to each other – and then turn them loose. There’s no limit to human ingenuity and initiative once management gives people the places and the tools they need, and the freedom to use them.”

Jim is the Global Research Director for Occupiers Journal Ltd., a global peer and knowledge-exchange network providing proprietary research and advice to end-user infrastructure and operations executives.

In addition, he is a Partner with The FutureWork Forum, a global think tank comprising more than 20 independent consultants devoted to reviewing, researching, reporting and responding to issues around the future of work.

Jim is also Editor-in-Chief and a principal writer for the monthly newsletter Future of Work Agenda and posts regularly on the Future of Work blog. He authored the chapter on change management for facilities professionals in the new book Work on the Move, published by the IFMA Foundation in October.

He holds PhD, M.A., and B.Sc. degrees from Cornell University and an MBA (With Distinction) from the Harvard Business School. He lives and works in Berkeley, California.

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