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As Cushman & Wakefield’s senior managing director and western region leader of Occupier Services, Karen Vincent works with major corporations to improve their transaction management, project management, facility management, financial management, and account management services.

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, her resume is chock full of global projects that showcase her ability to evolve work environments to support the new way we work.

In short: she knows the value that’s realized when companies become more flexible to keep pace with technology innovation.

“A successful workspace allows for cross-functional collaboration and is flexible to a variety of work styles,” she said. “We can no long put our knowledge workers in a square space with a desk and a chair and expect they will function at their best.”

Karen said that some of the most successful workplace programs are led by a collaborative steering committee spanning real estate, HR, IT, change management, facilities, and design.

In these scenarios, each department has a strategic direction to implement. Yet all must intersect in order to meet the goals of the enterprise around portfolio strategy, talent management, IT vision, and long-term investment.

“When these stakeholders come together with a vested interest in their workforce, the end result is the company becomes the place to work and attracts the most talented resources within their industry,” she said.

Because of these beliefs, Karen has proved to be a force in the CRE industry — her work has consistently been instrumental in the development of alternative work programs that have saved clients more than $265 million.

Karen is LEED AP certified and holds a BFA in interior design from the University of Kansas.


Karen Vincent will be speaking at WORKTECH 12 West Coast – October 15, 2012 – San Francisco, California

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