5 Characteristics of New Office Space Design

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The stereotypical corporate office has often been portrayed as a dingy, stuffy, and cubicle-ridden space that drains creativity and prevents collaboration. Thankfully, such traditional corporate offices — with their uninspiring decor and segregation — are in many ways a thing of the past.

Many employers have realized that the office environment directly influences employee satisfaction, creativity, and productivity. This trend gained momentum in the late 90s, with many tech companies being innovators not only in their product development but also in their workspace design.

eOffice Conference Room

Tech companies developed a reputation for building amazing workspaces, more like playgrounds that their employees could look forward to working in. And as a result, they attracted the very best and brightest — and got the most out of them, creatively.

But recently, this mini-revolution has spread to many other traditional industries. Many large companies are moving progressively towards open, creative, and collaborative workspaces.

eOffice Break – Kitchen Area

Spaces more often seen in small, creative companies are now becoming commonplace in large corporate surroundings too.

What are the key characteristics of these new space designs?

1. Open Plans

Humans are social animals and want to be able to interact with each other. Studies have shown that an open plan improves the mood of employees. So modern offices are often designed to encourage collaboration, as modern employers understand that employees being able to interact while they work is beneficial — rather than detrimental — to long-term productivity.

2. Hot Desking

Having employees who aren’t chained to their desks translates to reduced office costs and increased networking opportunities. Open spaces have also become more valuable as technological advances now allow workers to work from almost anywhere.

eOffice Meeting Room

3. Common Spaces

Designing informal areas for ad-hoc meetings and collaboration on larger projects create a community feel to the workplace. Working collectively on tough problems can vastly improve productivity.

4. Functional Buildings

Large corporate office buildings are now increasingly equipped with cafes, restaurants, libraries, bars, and gyms. Google is probably the best at this, the theory being that a happy employee at work is more likely to stay at the office longer. Idea generation is the name of the game, so many employers don’t mind whether a great idea comes from an employee at the office gym or a worker as his desk. So long as the ideas keep coming, both parties will be happy!

eOffice Manchester Building

5. Sustainable

Increasingly, green is the new black in office design projects, more businesses want to design their space in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It’s not just employers; environmentalism is often a key issue for many employees, too.


The bottom line is that if you want top-quality work, you need to give your employees a top-quality office space.

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  1. I agree with the conclusion of this article. If you want to expect great performance from your employees, you have to make sure that they also have a great office space to work in. A great office space conducive for workplace balance is a great factor for your employees to stay loyal and motivated to do their job. It affects their attitude towards work. Have a great office space design not only because you want your employees to be productive, but also to show them that the company cares about them truly for the fact that they are an integral part of its existence.

  2. I like that you pointed out that offices should have common spaces. As you said, this will ensure that there will be a part where people can have meetings creatively. I will share this tip with my best friend to help them choose a place to rent. It will be for the business they plan to start which they have been saving up for since 2015.

  3. I agree that functionality and sustainability of the office is the key for the employees. I like it when the office interior is colorful, it makes me want to work even on weekends)
    Oh, and Millie, if you want to find a suitable office for your friend to rent, you may try to find it here at https://www.matchoffice.com . My friend found a beautiful and comfortable space there)

  4. As an employee, I love the idea “Functional Buildings” which is time-saving for me. Instead of leaving the office, going to the mall, stay there for 30 mins, it’s just take me 5 mins with a built-in coffee inside the office.

  5. You made a good point that common spaces are important to look for when assessing the features of an office. One of the things I’d like to focus on when I start my own business someday is strengthening relations among employees. I will surely want common areas when looking for office spaces for lease someday.

  6. I have opened an office recently. I like the idea “Hot Desking “. I will definitely make the room like this. Construction going on! I will give you update. I am looking for this kind of desking ideas and found it. Thanks a lot.


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