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For 15 years, Australian-born Andrew Marshall has led change management programs for clients in the UK and Asia — including the BBC, Barclays Bank, Cadbury, Cisco, Citigroup, and Ericsson.

“As working habits change, the way we use our workplace is evolving. The space we need, times we work, and tasks we perform are different,” Marshall said.

Understanding the influence of local culture on workplace strategies has been key at Brookfield Johnson Controls — which uses its tools and processes to identify where organizations’ people work best.

“Most organizations need to put more effort into communicating with people, particularly on how to use their workspaces – and stop assuming that if a space is provided, people will use it.”

In fact, at WorkTech Melbourne, Marshall will unveil how to transform this kind of raw building utilization data into informed space decisions using a technology he calls Workplace Motion.

“I have identified the steps needed to make positive changes by focusing on space utilization data collected by long-term sensor technology. So I’m going to share how to turn this data into improved utilization and growth strategies with attendees.”

To build it, he fused his architectural background with his experiences in how space is being used today — or not used, in many cases.

Andrew will be speaking at WORKTECH 13 Melbourne – February 26, 2013

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