Behind the Curtain: Cox Designs for its Tech Dept.

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A technology innovator thrives in an innovative work environment. And that’s just what Cox Communications’ technology department (C-Tech) now has in Atlanta.

C-Tech's Reception Lobby
C-Tech’s Reception Lobby

“We led a collaborative effort with the end-users to define their work styles and functional needs,” said Jennifer Treter, principal-in-charge at Hendrick, Inc., the firm behind the redesign. “This information along with our knowledge of current workplace strategies helped to define to the new workspace for their diverse team.”

Employees who recently moved into the new, highly interactive office space now have state-of-the-art features available to them.

C-Tech's Work & Collaboration
C-Tech’s Work & Collaboration

“We wanted to provide employees with a place they want to work. So we created an ergonomically correct workplace that promotes communication and interaction among employees, reduces churn, and maximizes flexibility for internal movement and expansion.”

The design also aligns with Cox Conserves, the company’s national sustainability program. The space maximizes the density of the workplace, but emphasizes access to natural light and showcases environmentally responsible design solutions.

C-Tech's Open Office & Benching
C-Tech’s Open Office & Benching

For example, its location is accessible by public transit, and solar panels provide energy to the buildings while reducing outside energy consumption.

“The two, multi-story buildings were designed with an emphasis on the internal functionality,” said Christopher Heard, a Hendrick principal on the C-Tech project.

C-Tech's Cafe
C-Tech’s Cafe

“Employee well-being and health is highlighted and supported by the design of a fitness center featuring spin, aerobic, and weight training rooms, along with a cardio area. A full-service cafe serves employees a variety of healthy meal options in a comfortable, welcoming, and vibrant setting — with multiple seating options and incorporated technology systems, too.”

C-Tech's Training & Meeting area
C-Tech’s Training & Meeting area

Other amenities in the building include a conference/training center that provides space for meeting requirements — such as a 500 person meeting room for large in-house meetings that also can serve the needs of outside clients and guests to the space.

Real estate, design, construction, and client committee teams worked together to develop a “road map” for the driving factors behind the facility and the process for defining the final solutions.

C-Tech's Solar Panel Exterior
C-Tech’s Solar Panel Exterior

The end result was a project that enhances work, promotes collaboration, is visually accessible and open, and provides the right tools for individual and collaborative work.

“The space highlights the corporate brand and educates those who engage the space,” Christopher said. “We presented ideas that were non-traditional, but they’ll serve the current and future needs of the company with an eye toward flexibility and reduced costs, too.”

Architect/Design Firm: Hendrick Inc.

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