Peter Miscovich to Speak on ‘The New Normal’

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Peter M. Photo  Larger 2At WORKTECH13 in New York, Strategic Consulting Managing Director Peter Miscovich of Jones Lang LaSalle is talking about the continuous business disruption and discontinuous change that have now become “The New Normal.”

“Emerging technologies combined with accelerating economic, social, and climate-change related risks have begun to converge with increasing frequency and with greater intensity,” he said. “These disruptive factors will contribute to greater complexity, increased uncertainty, and heightened risk exposure for global organizations at every level. As a result, the corporate workplace of today and tomorrow will need to adapt to these challenges with much more innovative and ‘elastic,’ resilient solutions.”

Miscovich — who has spoken at previous WORKTECH events — has spent two decades developing corporate strategies and workplace transformation solutions for Fortune 100 companies across multiple industry sectors. The Brookings Institute, The Conference Board, CORENET Global, the Urban Age, and Urban Land Institutes have tapped him for consulting, and he previously served as a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global advisory practice.

His take on the changes affecting our industry are part of WORKPLACE PERSPECTIVES 2013, alongside other thought leaders.

“Our next generation of workplace solutions will require greater adaptive flexibility. These innovative workplace solutions must be resilient on all levels to address the urban, communal, organizational, and individual challenges of ‘The New Normal’ for the foreseeable future.”

Peter serves on the Board of the Regional Plan Association (RPA), the Board of the Garrison Institute, and the CERES Presidents Council, where he helps to enable systemic transformation and change. He received his executive credentials from the MIT Leadership Development and Transformational Change program and his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Arizona. He resides in New York City.

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