Hayden Place Makes Culver City Greener

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Amelia Doyle Feichtner
Amelia Doyle Feichtner
Amelia Doyle Feichtner, AIA, LEED AP Principal, Cuningham Group Architecture brings awareness and implementation of sustainable design and practices to all of her projects. She holds leadership positions with green-design organizations locally and nationally, and is a founding member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Emerging Green Builders.

Among the finalists of our Work Design Now series sponsored by Haworth is Hayden Place, designed by Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

Our new office at Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc. (Cuningham Group®) sits in good company. The Hayden Tract district of Los Angeles is perhaps the most concentrated three square miles of eclectic and advanced architecture in California. Multiple technology and creative tenants call it home, too. And Selznick Studios once owned the land, so our storied history includes “Gone With the Wind’s” Tara plantation and also Desilu Studios by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

We call this tenant-improvement project Hayden Place. It’s targeted for LEED Gold certification, and it makes a stylish-but-sustainable statement thanks to its efficient-energy systems and innovative design features.

Cuningham Group
Cuningham Group – Hayden Place Kitchen

The office is an 11,640-square-foot converted warehouse that boasts an open-floor plan. Its high-volume spaces are drenched with natural, ambient light from expansive, north-facing windows and skylights. The open office layout fosters a creative and collaborative atmosphere, which captures the essence of our everyday work style.

Cuningham Group
Cuningham Group – Hayden Place Open Floorplan

“Without the barriers of walls or cubicles, creativity and collaboration flow freely through Hayden Place,” said Associate Principal Veronica Sterling. “The sense of openness allows for the engagement of colleagues in constructive discussions and the ability to talk through ideas. Our kitchen encourages family-style meal time, and it has proved to be a great spot for impromptu happy hours.”

The Hayden Place work environment welcomes social interaction and cultivates a creative energy necessary for the objectives of Cuningham Group. There is also a gallery area to promote the sharing of creative ideas. The gallery – and the entire open-floor area – serves as a space for office meetings and client events.

Cuningham Group
Cuningham Group – Hayden Place Workstations & Gallery

The adapted warehouse includes seven repurposed shipping containers for private offices, storage, and the server room.

Inside the office, trickle vents allow fresh air to flow through the space and exit through exhaust vents on the opposite end of the building. Because of this natural ventilation system – which is adapted to the prevailing sea breezes that penetrate this Culver City setting – the building does not require mechanical cooling and only very little heating.

An indoor garden, designed with native and adaptive plants, naturally filters the office air and brings the outdoors directly into the building’s interior.

Cuningham Group
Cuningham Group – Hayden Place Indoor Garden

One of the most striking design features is a dramatic wooden structure that houses the conference rooms.

Nearly spanning the entire length of the interior, the wooden structure comprises equally-sized wooden pieces that are arranged in a lamella pattern. And as a thematic nod to the nearby Expo Rail commuter line, this 60-foot long sculptural tunnel creates a visual connection between the glass facades at the front and back of the office.

Cuningham Group
Cuningham Group – Hayden Place Conference Room

But commuting is green for many of the employees, too.

“We’re located near the Ballona Creek bike path and Expo Light Rail stops, so Hayden Place makes it easy for employees to take advantage of alternative transportation options,” Sterling said. “Many of us ride bikes or commute to work via public transit. The nearness to these options makes it easy pursue a green lifestyle in and out of the office.”

Today, the Hayden Tract is still a booming industry support area. This is one of the many features that creates an exciting vibe allowing our entire team to thrive here.

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