A Grand “Grind” Opening in Chicago

Grind has opened up shop in Chicago and, according to co-founder Benjamin Dyett, “This is the moment of waking the sleeping giant of workshare that is Chicago.”

Grind’s grand opening has set the bar for worksharing in America’s third largest city. The company, based in New York, has already established itself as a desirable setting for startups and conventional companies alike.

Grind, Chicago Opening
Grind, Chicago Opening. Photo: Valerie Trent

Grind’s new spot is a two-story, loft-like space in the middle of Chicago’s downtown loop. For “the fastest growing downtown in the country,” as Grind partner Ty Montague noted, it breaks the landscape and sets a new standard for commercial interiors in the city.

Grind gives creative professionals the opportunity to be in the middle of downtown Chicago without extremely high rent that usually goes with it. Perks of the new space include phone-rooms, open benching solutions for “heads down” needs, relaxed meeting areas, cafe-style group tables, and formal conference rooms.

The Grind setting cultivates work variety, creativity, and movement – it’s a space that ought to appeal to Chicago’s growing tech and startup community. But it’s also a place where companies like Threadless, which is over ten years old, can come and reset.

Grind, Chicago Opening
Grind, Chicago Opening. Photo: Valerie Trent

Jake Nickell, Threadless’s founder, spoke at Grind’s grand opening event. His company has its own office space – designed just for them by local design firm Box Studios. But they have already used Grind as a break-out opportunity.

According to Jake, “it’s still nice to get out of the office.”

Jake spoke about how a space like Grind can push employees to create, and to “make your own luck” by surrounding yourself with other “makers.” He said he has made his own luck by immersing himself in spaces like Grind, where other positive, problem-solving, inspired individuals were right there beside him.

At workshare spaces like Grind, co-inhabitants tend to become friends and be creative together.

Grind, Chicago Opening
Grind, Chicago Opening. Photo: Valerie Trent
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