“Both Sides Now” Reimagined for the Workplace

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Kate Lister
Kate Listerhttp://globalworkplaceanalytics.com/
Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics and member of Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Leadership Team Kate Lister is an author, speaker and a leading research-based authority on the future of work. As president of Global Workplace Analytics, Kate helps clients focus on shaping the workplace and workforce strategies to improve people, planet, and profit outcomes. GWA partners with the industry’s most respected influencers to advance thought leadership on the qualitative and quantitative impacts of workplace change. The firm’s work is informed by a proprietary digital library of over 5,000 research reports, case studies, and other content sources related to the technologies, trends, and scientific understandings that are transforming workforce and workplace strategies around the globe. In addition to authoring five business-related books, Kate has written scores of articles related to the corporate workplace for major media outlets. The firm’s research has been cited by hundreds of publications including the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many others.

Kate Lister reimagines Joni Mitchell’s 1967 folk classic for the 2014 workplace.

Rows and rows of empty chairs and emails flying everywhere
it’s clear that change is in the air, yet still we work old ways.
But some just want to block the sun, keep work the same for everyone
so many things that could be done, but fear gets in the way.

We’ve looked at work from both sides now,
from in and out, and still somehow
it’s work’s illusions they recall,
they really don’t want change, at all.

But now the boss is acting strange,
she shakes her head, he says work’s changed
though some fear loss, much more is gained
by working in new ways.

We’ve looked at work from both sides now
from here and there, and soon somehow
we’ll win them over one and all
they really don’t know work at all.

Dreams and schemes and feeling proud
to shout “I love work” right out loud
through tears and cheers we’ve thinned the clouds
we’re working in new ways.

Moons and Junes and ferris wheels
that dizzy dancing way you feel
as every workplace dream comes real
we live it every day.

We’ve looked at work from both sides now
From old and new and now somehow
It’s work’s illusions curtain call
We really do know work, after all.

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