A Dynamic Marriage of Home and Office

Luxury online marketplace 1stdibs shows off its new HQ, furnished with some of the site’s best items.

1stdibs, the online marketplace that has built its reputation selling “the most beautiful things on earth”, recently moved into a 42,000 square foot office at 51 Astor Place in Manhattan. The company’s own creative team worked with designers at the Mufson Partnership to create an open, collaborative space that supports everything from focused, individual work and team meetings in comfortable communal spaces during the day, to yoga classes and wine tastings at night. And 1stdibs’ gorgeous fingerprints are everywhere: naturally, they turned to their own dealers to furnish the space (we spy vintage Saarinen, Wormley, and Nelson, to name a few).

Scroll for more photos and a Q&A with Laura Schneider, head of PR at 1stdibs.

All photos by Joshua McHugh.
How many employees work in the space?

There are 145 employees in the new HQ. This includes engineers and programmers, dealer relations, marketing, PR, and the executive team. We also have an office in the UK, with about twelve employees who support our efforts across Europe.

Does 1stdibs have a mobile work or work-from-home policy or are most of the employees there all day every day?

Most employees are here every day.  The space is so comfortable and inviting that everyone wants to be in the office.

We want our offices to be a living embodiment of the website. This is why the space has a residential feel; its almost as if the items have been collected over time, and they’re on display for everyone to enjoy.

Are there any private offices?

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted the office to have an open floor plan, which creates a sense of community and fosters interaction.  Our CEO, David Rosenblatt, has his own office but it has glass walls and he entertains an open door policy. Overall, It’s a very well considered plan that leverages spatial design to encourage cross-team collaboration.

How does this office compare to your former space?

The company has grown a lot over the past few years, and we needed a much larger space to accommodate everyone. The new office also has the open floor plan, which we didn’t have before. There are elements of continuity. For example, in both the old and the new offices, we incorporated furniture, fine art, and decorative items from our dealers. We want our offices to be a living embodiment of the website.  This is why the space has a residential feel; its almost as if the items have been collected over time, and they’re on display for everyone to enjoy.

Do employees or teams have assigned areas and desks within the open space?

Each team has a designated area, and within that, employees have their own desks.  That being said, we’ve also placed intimate furniture groupings, lounge areas, and conversation nooks throughout the office.  This allows employees to collaborate with different teams and work wherever they want; it has a more relaxed feel that can inspire brainstorming and creativity, as opposed to the traditional boardroom you’ll find in most offices.

Any cool moves you made in terms of incorporating “new century” technology with antique and mid-century pieces?

We didn’t do anything crazy, like insert a flat screen TV into an antique console. We’re very conscious of maintaining the value and integrity of design, and consider these items works of art. The office design is more about finding the right mix of antique and vintage items and 21st century technology to create a beautiful, functional workspace.

There is such a wonderful, comfortable residential vibe, which is such a great representation of your brand and what we imagine the company culture is like. Do you know of any other workplaces that have furnished their corporate spaces with finds from 1stdibs?

We’re very proud that The Row’s new Melrose Place store is furnished with many items from 1stdibs—it’s absolutely stunning. J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons has also purchased items from 1stdibs for her office, and so have many others.

What is your absolute favorite space to hang out in the new office?

The bar!  It’s the perfect space to head at the end of the day to unwind. Everyone seems to congregate there, and it’s a great way to catch up with co-workers and socialize.

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