Because Who Doesn’t Need an Acoustical Cactus?

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Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie is a Workplace Consultant at Herman Miller and the former Editor of Work Design Magazine. She’s currently based in Pittsburgh.
The full BuzziCactus collection. All images courtesy of BuzziSpace.

BuzziSpace, a relative newcomer to the U.S. office scene, has significantly grown its range in recent years. It’s a brand that launches products frequently, responding to demands in the market by constantly ideating new solutions for the way we work now.

To the casual observer, the results are bright, colorful, and even quirky. Take, for example, its latest launch: BuzziCactus. Like many of BuzziSpace’s products, this product has acoustical properties that make it both decorative and practical.

Co-located in Antwerp and High Point, BuzziSpace has an internal design team that collaborates often with emerging designers. We spoke to Sas Adriaenssens, an industrial designer from Antwerp, whose work for BuzziSpace has won several awards for its innovative and ecologic character that merges form with function.

The BuzziCactus “Gringo”.

How will BuzziCactus impact the workplace?

Modern professionals have a new work-life balance. People tend to work longer hours and spend more time in the office than they do at home, so it’s important for contemporary office design to incorporate elements that are more residential in look and feel.

BuzziCactus offers a friendly reminder of home by taking an element we usually associate with the outdoors and bringing it into the office. Plants reflect nature and cacti make people smile.

BuzziCacti can be used like bulletin boards; a cheeky analog aid to collaboration.

How does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?

On the individual level, contemporary workspaces follow the actions of their users. On the company level, they must follow market-flow and shift more easily into new directions or services than before.

Furnishings should enable companies to make changes quickly and affordably. With this in mind, BuzziCactus was conceived to be light, easy to move, and to define a new space. It is an unexpected and fun element, meant to breathe new life into open floor plan environments.

The BuzziCactus "Taco".
The BuzziCactus “Taco”.

How do you envision people will use it?

The product will primarily be used to define open borders between various teams or zones in the office without fully closing them in, in open floor plan settings. The standalone structures can divide a space without shutting colleagues out or killing the view around them.

You can you can pin notes on it, so it will also double as a collaborative bulletin board, perfect for inspiration and team brainstorming.

The BuzziCactus “TexMex”.

What was the inspiration behind the product?

In standard office design, acoustical challenges were solved in a purely functional way. Unattractive panels affixed to the ceiling or wall didn’t add much feeling to the design of a space.

BuzziCactus is a freestanding space divider that offers the same acoustical solution, but with the extra flexibility to place it where you like and to move it, and at the same time color your environment and make it more approachable. The “plants” are very tactile and are designed to make you feel good.

When was the product first introduced?

The product was first introduced at Orgatec and expanded for IMM Cologne.

What do you WDM readers will love most about the product?

The product will resonate with millennials in the workspace. They will love the form because of its sense of humor. BuzziCactus will bring the office to life—no water required!

What is the price?

$1,671 – $2,487

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