This Communication Agency’s New Office is a Love Letter to London

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Photo by Chris Gascoigne.

Pride in your city is one thing, but London Communications Agency decided it was time to DTR (define the relationship) when it came to the design of their Berkshire House office space, professing Love with a capital L for their fair city. But there aren’t British flags or pictures of Will and Kate strewn about the posh office as a sign of affection. Instead, it’s a rather more refined, dignified homage: the agency is laid out in the respect of London neighborhoods, the furniture made or designed exclusively in London, and each meeting room named after a different London market. The cupid responsible for this love affair? Fletcher Priest Architects. Led by Tim Fyles, the firm created an open and productive work environment that allows for ample creative communication through shared space. Adele may sing “Hometown Glory”, but LCA shows more than words when it comes to their love of London Town.

Photo by Chris Gascoigne.
Photo by Chris Gascoigne.

Interior architect/designer

Tim Fyles, Fletcher Priest Architects

Square footage

5,000 square feet

What is the proximity to public transportation and other amenities?

Berkshire House is only a short walk from three central London underground stations – Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road, and Holborn. It is also under 10 minutes from Leicester Square station.

Photo by Chris Gascoigne.
Photo by Chris Gascoigne.

What is the square footage/person?

110 square feet per person once fully occupied

Furniture brands/dealers

The furniture was supplied through The Furniture Practice, from the following manufacturers: Lyndon, Modus, James Burleigh, Howe, and IFC.

Photo by Chris Gascoigne.
Photo by Chris Gascoigne.

How many total employees do you have and what’s the daily population?

Thirty-nine, with approximately 80 percent attendance. The space planning allows for future expansion of six additional workstations.

Is there a mobile work or work-from-home policy or are most of the employees there all day every day?

Yes, but a majority of employees spend some time in the office each working day.

What percentage of the space is unassigned?

All workstations are assigned but there is a variety of breakout spaces provided which allows for a range of work settings.

How is the brand reflected in the space?

LCA is passionate and knowledgeable about London, and wanted their workspace to reflect this. Jonny Popper, the director at LCA, said, “Fletcher Priest has done a superb job and were a pleasure to work with throughout. We are thrilled with our new office, which is providing an exceptional working environment for our team and welcoming space for our clients and associates. Fletcher Priest made very clever use of different lighting, materials, colors, and furniture to create distinct areas of the office and we are simply loving working from here.”

What is the most unique feature about the new space?

The fantastic view over London from the eighth floor location as the building is taller than any of its neighbors.

Photo by Chris Gascoigne.
Photo by Chris Gascoigne.

What was the hardest aspect of change for people in moving from your former space?

People adapted very quickly with little difficulty as many of the features from the former space have been replicated and/or improved.

Please talk about any other notable aspects of the project that make it unique.

Located in a 1960s building on High Holborn, the office was designed based on the idea of London as a composite of neighborhoods. Each space has a separate identity interacting to provide a tailored modern office. The design evokes the spirit of a traditional London coffee house to create a sociable working environment. The furniture was carefully selected from London based designers and manufacturers with each meeting room named after a London market.

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