What is Our Role in Shaping the Future of Work?

Join Work Design Magazine and Convene on Monday, October 5 in New York City for an evening with Bill Jensen, author of the new book, Future Strong. Tickets are available here.

As designers and creators of space, what is our role in the future of work? What can and should we be thinking about to make those disruptive changes and create new possibilities? Right now, are we doing all we can to create the best possible futures?

Bill Jensen, futurist and CEO of change consulting for The Jensen Group, and his research team have been studying questions like these for the past several years. They’ve produced a groundbreaking study on what can and must be done to create the best possible future of work. And Bill wants you to add your voice to this conversation.

Please join Bill in a highly interactive presentation and discussion on Monday, October 5 at Convene in New York City. Not only will Bill share the top three findings that are a road map for the future, he’ll also facilitate our own exploration and discussion about the future. Come prepared with your thoughts, your ideas, and your questions. Tickets are available here.


6:00-6:30 PM Doors Open + Networking over Refreshments
6:45-7:45 PM Discussion + Q&A
7:45-8:00 PM More Networking

Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served. Get tickets now to snag your seat!

A special thank you to our event sponsors, AgilQuestHaworth, and Teknion!
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