Tell Us about Your Office’s Coffee Culture

Whether it’s a watered-down cup from the Keurig or a pleasantly perfect pour-over, we want to know what role coffee plays in your office.

Image via the creative eyes behind Death to the Stock Photo.
Image via the creative eyes behind Death to the Stock Photo.

Let’s talk about coffee at work. Because even when we’re not at work, coffee still manages to affect our workdays: we broke for La Colombe last week when we were in Philly for NeoCon East, and we’re late to the office when we decide to use the French press at home. We had our first taste of trendy coworking coffee culture during a brief stint at WeWork Chinatown, where they served Madcap Coffee in a kitchen thirty-ish yards from where the same company keeps their D.C. lab and training facility. At work, at best, we hope your office serves up something free and tasty. “What creates a sense of vitality and optimism like an amazing cup of joe?,” asks Jamie Russo, the chief of work and wellness for Enerspace Coworking (where she’s committed to serving good, locally-roasted beans) (at their Chicago location, that means Bridgeport Coffee) in an article touting ways to support well-being in your workplace. “During a WORKTECH 15 New York conference panel in May, the moderator asked Martha Clarkson, an experience designer at Microsoft, about what was instrumental in drawing employees to the corporate campus. Clarkson said, quite simply, it was their new coffee bar.”

So, tell us: What’s the coffee culture like in your office? We’ll send a bag of our favorite locally-roasted beans to the best entry!

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