A Stylish Alternative to Harsh Overhead Lighting

Herman Miller’s new Ode Lamp is part of a portfolio of stylish lighting solutions that expand across a variety workplace applications.

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

For Herman Miller‘s new Ode Lamp, designers  Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility considered the tendency of people to gather around light. What’s resulted is a simple, attractive fixture that drops a warm and welcoming “sphere of illumination” that the designers hope will help to draw people together to engage in more meaningful ways, at home or at work.

We reached out to Herman Miller to find out more.

How will Ode Lamps impact the workplace?

The family of Ode Lamps provides a portfolio of lighting solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the workplace looking for alternatives to harsh overhead lighting.

Ode Lamps have the flexibility to be either surface-integrated or freestanding to allow the product to expand across a variety of applications in the workplace.

How will they contribute to “new ways of working”?

Ode Lamps come in both freestanding and surface-integrated options allowing optimal flexibility for the customer to select placement in their workplace. The surface-integrated Ode Lamps can be built into any surface, providing a pool of accent light for people to collaborate around while taking up minimal space on the surface.

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

What was the inspiration behind Ode?

Understanding the context of use is a critical step in the design process for Sam Hecht and Kim Colin. For the design of their Ode Lamp, the designers considered the instinctive attraction people feel toward light.

Appealing to this natural tendency, Hecht and Colin created a family of occasional lighting that casts a warm and welcoming sphere of illumination, inviting people to come together and engage with one another in meaningful ways.

When was it introduced?

January 2016

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

What do you think our readers will love most about it?

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.
Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

The versatile, simple design is elevated by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin’s attention to detail. Ode Lamps are very approachable, and can be used to create a welcoming environment at home or in the workplace. There are variety of height options available: the freestanding Ode Lamp is available for use on a table, or two different heights for the floor.

The sofa-height Ode Lamp can be paired with a sofa or lounge chair to create an environment to read/relax in. The dimming feature of the Ode Table Lamp, allowing the user to adjust the brightness of the light. LED bulbs, so eco-friendly, and you can easily turn the lamp on and off by grasping the stem: no worries about a switch.

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.
Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

How much does an Ode Lamp cost?

Table lamp – $385 (retail)

Perched-height surface integrated – $728 (list)

Full standing surface integrated – $758 (list)

Sofa-height floor lamp – $634 (retail)

Full standing floor lamp – $655 (retail)


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