The Workplaces of Post-Recession Startups

In this webinar, Bob Fox, publisher of Work Design and founder and CEO of FOX Architects, explores the new economy, change, and the workplace.

Spotify’s New York office. Photos courtesy of FOX Architects.

“If you look back over history, workplaces tend to reflect what was happening in the economy,” said Bob Fox. “We have moved from simple clerical tasks to highly collaborative creative thinking, and today’s workplaces show it.”

He cited last year’s series of Work Design TALKs that focused on the workplaces of the billion dollar startups as a great example. “The VCs that participated brought an interesting dimension to the discussion,” he said. “They have a valuable perspective on how workspace can support work, enable communication, and serve the cultures of these young, rapidly growing organizations.”

“They weren’t just looking at numbers,” he added. “They were keen on how the culture impacted the performance of an organization and were in tune with how spaces can support or hinder the culture.”

In this webinar, Fox analyzes the workplace features that are unique to post-recession startups and explores how these new companies are shaping the future of the economy and of the workplace.

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