Workplace Design Meets Virtual Reality

Configura‘s CET Designer 7.0 reduces rendering time and heightens user experience with its Virtual Viewer Extension.

Image courtesy of Configura.
CET Designer 7.0 lets you render faster with the Render Accelerator Extension. Image courtesy of Configura.

How many renderings does it take to win a bid? Renderings are a central part of the sales process in the contract furniture industry, allowing customers to visualize their space before making a big investment. Time is money, so in the new release, CET Designer users can take advantage of their local network to create renderings even faster than before. With the new, powerful Render Accelerator Extension, renderings can be distributed to other computers, significantly reducing the wait time.

CET Designer 7.0 also has some major additions that will benefit the contract furniture designer. More extensions will be released, including generic kitchen, plants, and stairs. And where do the stairs lead? With CET Designer 7.0, we’re taking it to the next level — literally. The new multiple-floors functionality enables users to easily create lofts and mezzanine spaces.

The new release includes generic kitchen cabinets, new plants, and stairs. Image courtesy of Configura.

Renderings are amazing, but the experience of walking around inside a drawing is even more powerful. This year at NeoCon, Configura will also release its Virtual Viewer Extension for CET Designer. The new Extension works with gaming controls and a virtual reality headset, letting designers create an interactive world of the designed space. The technology helps designers give their customers a visualization of their space like never before.

The new Virtual Viewer Extension lets you walk around in your drawing. Image courtesy of Configura.

Check out CET Designer 7.0 and the new Virtual Reality Extension at NeoCon booth 7-4129.


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