Meet One of the Only Turn-Key Epoxy Flooring Installers

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Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie is a Workplace Consultant at Herman Miller and the former Editor of Work Design Magazine. She’s currently based in Pittsburgh.

This post was sponsored by RedRhino, the epoxy flooring company.

How can RedRhino improve a workplace?

RedRhino products are designed to provide protective and aesthetic coatings to the industrial and commercial workspace. RedRhino enhances the value and safety of the floor by providing an increased ease of maintenance, increased slip resistance and great aesthetics.

All RedRhino products and installations meet with county and state health codes while providing years of durability.

It what other applications does the product really shine, beyond workplace?

Residential, commercial, industrial, and retail

Can you tell a story/give an example of a client who has used the product effectively?

Foster Farms has used our product in their blast freezers. If our product can maintain its quality and durability in conditions like that, it will have no problem in any application. Time after time, in fire stations, airplane hangars, car showrooms, you name it, they maintain their quality.

What was the inspiration behind the product?

To make an honest living by improving the aesthetics, safety, and durability of flooring for businesses.

When was the product introduced?

January 2005

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

There are several practices that we have embraced that allow us to maintain our competitive position and an industry leader:

  • On-time performance guarantees
  • Warranties that are more encompassing and longer in duration than those represented by the industry standard.
  • Verified client references for similar solutions.
  • National presence
  • No hidden costs
  • A commitment to leveraging only the highest quality products and resins available in the industry.
  • Longstanding and full-time crew members.
  • The presence of a dedicated account manager like myself to ensure that your floor is installed according to your specifications every step of the way.

What is the price?

There are a number of variables that drive price.  They include,

  • The complexity of the job
  • Economies of scale (the more square feet you have, the less you are paying per square foot)
  • The number of gallons of resin and protective coating solution applied
  • Performance guarantees
  • Scope and duration of warranty

Anything else notable about the product that we ought to know?

In addition to being one of the area’s leading providers of polished concrete, RedRhio is one of the only “full-service” or “turn-key” epoxy installers. We are one of the few installation companies that manufacture and assume responsibility for both our product and our installations, “end-to-end”.  In addition to our standard 100% solids epoxy, we also manufacturer all of our own urethane cement, polyaspartics, chemical resistant urethanes, etc.  We do not use other manufacturer’s product.  Thus, our clients never find themselves in the middle with the manufacturer blaming failure on the installation team or the installer blaming the manufacturer. With RedRhino, it is our product and our installation team. This makes us unique in the industry. Finally, all of our installation crew members are W2 employees. We do not sub-contract any of our work.

Thanks, RedRhino!
Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie is a Workplace Consultant at Herman Miller and the former Editor of Work Design Magazine. She’s currently based in Pittsburgh.
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