Store More with Poppin’s Practical Seating

These simple benches and boxes pack a two-in-one punch for workspaces.

The Box Bench. Image courtesy of Poppin.
The Box Bench. Image courtesy of Poppin.

Poppin‘s Box Seat hit the market in April 2015; when they realized how popular it was, they re-engineered it and started selling a Box Bench, too. Both come in Poppin’s trademark spectrum of bright colors and are a practical solution for an extra bit of storage and seating.

For more, we reached out to Poppin with our product profile survey.

How will the products impact the workplace?

Multi-functionality meets style with Poppin’s Box Seat and Box Bench — storage boxes one minute, sturdy seats the next. The Box Bench is strong enough to hold up to 275 pounds, and it is collapsible and portable for clutter corralling and impromptu meetings.

How do the products contribute to “new ways of working”?

Employees can pull up a seat for a quick brainstorm, and throw items inside to save space and keep their workspace a clutter-free zone. It’s a simple, sturdy solution that is portable and flexible for the office.

Box Seat in red and Box Bench in sand. Image courtesy of Poppin.
Box Seat in red and Box Bench in sand. Image courtesy of Poppin.

Can you tell a story/give an example of a client who has used the product effectively?

Poppin worked with Homepolish as they redesigned the ClassPass office, a fitness startup also based in NYC. Each employee got a Box Seat in aqua — perfect for storing sneakers and gym clothes, or to use for collaborating with coworkers.

Who was the designer?

Poppin Design Team NYC

What was the inspiration behind the product?

Everyone needs an affordable solution to store disparate things. There are similar products in the market but by focusing on fit and finish, Poppin has found the right material for the right price. And when we saw how popular our Box Seat was, we re-engineered the interior construction to make sure the larger format was still able to support the weight. More storage with the same dual benefits.

The Box Seat in pool. Image courtesy of Poppin.
The Box Seat in pool. Image courtesy of Poppin.

When was the product introduced?

Seat: April 2015, Bench: September 2015

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

  • The range of colorways
  • Flexibility: Storage and seating in one. Collapsing to just 2.5 inches high, the storage ottomans are space-saving, seat-friendly superheroes
  • Easy to clean: Made from woven polyester fabric — removing spills and stains come is a cinch!
  • The price-point
  • No-tools assembly

What is the price?

$40 seat, $75 bench

Anything else notable about the product that we ought to know?

All orders are guaranteed to arrive at the customer’s doorstep within two weeks.

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