The Lively Elegance of the Kate Spade Headquarters

A combination office and showroom for the American fashion icon.

Image courtesy of Design Republic.

In designing Kate Spade’s headquarters, Design Republic had the exciting challenge of combining both the offices and the showrooms of the American fashion icon. And in addition to exhibiting the peppy yet classic grace of the Kate Spade brand, the design firm also had to incorporate Jack Spade and the now-shuttered Kate Spade Saturday. Luckily, the brands share a vision and a “commitment to curiosity”, even though they have distinct personalities and work styles.

Each group needed a plan that functioned coherently, expressed the brands visually, and provided an ideal environment for the young, ambitious talent employed there. What they created is a bright, fun, and whimsical space, reflective of the brands themselves.

We reached out to the team at Design Republic to find out more.

Image courtesy of Design Republic.

What is the address of the project?

2 Park Ave, New York, NY

Who was the interior architect/designer?

Design Republic

When was the project completed?


Image courtesy of Design Republic.
Image courtesy of Design Republic.

What is the total square footage?

85,000 square feet

What is the square footage per person?

175 square feet per person

How many total employees are there, and what’s the daily population?

485 employees

What is the location’s proximity to public transportation and other amenities?

The Kate Spade headquarters are located in Murray Hill, nearby an array of restaurants and a cache of popular NYC attractions, including the Empire State Building. There’s also a subway station right across the street.

Image courtesy of Design Republic.

Images courtesy of Design Republic.
Images courtesy of Design Republic.

What were the construction/hard costs per square foot?

The total construction cost was $14,000,000.

Which furniture brands/dealers were used?

We used Meadows Office Interiors and Haworth.

Is there a mobile work or work-from-home policy or are most of the employees there all day every day?

Most of the employees are there every day.

What percentage of the space is unassigned?

All of the space is assigned.

Image courtesy of Design Republic.
Image courtesy of Design Republic.

How is the company’s brand reflected in the space?

In the Kate Spade showroom, a spirit of travel and adventure is heightened through the use of textiles and graphics. Lavender, turquoise, and lime green live harmoniously with bold black and white stripes and shimmering gold, perfectly pairing sweetness and whimsy with high fashion and sophistication.

Walking into Jack Spade is an aesthetic jump back in time. A found wooden door and large dining table provide an unexpected, yet comfortable setting for the light-hearted personality traits Jack and Kate share.

Libraries, lounges, and workrooms blend into departments without interrupting them or muddying their identities. These interstitial spaces, combined with the playfulness and humor than resonate throughout, create stunning flow and function for the family.

Images courtesy of Design Republic.
Images courtesy of Design Republic.

What is the most unique feature about the space?

The entryway. The walk from the elevators to the reception area is quite long, so we wanted to highlight the entrance with a flashy sign. Look closely, and you’ll notice two green doors in the background that appear to be floating in mid-air.

We tried to bring a touch of the unexpected to everything. The spirit of Kate Spade and Jack Spade is someone who is spontaneous, likes to travel, and isn’t afraid of color. The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the office environment.

If the company moved out of a previous space, what was the hardest aspect of change for people?

The location has been the hardest adjustment, as they were previously located in the Flatiron District.

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